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My Volunteer Work

I hope my work with over 100+ charities and over 302+ service projects can place as a reminder that we should see LOVING  and GIVING as a way of life.

Let us live selflessly, let us judge less, love more and give more abundantly. It's all going to end one day and only how we treat people and the difference we make, will be remembered.

Since I was 12, showing compassion for other people has been my #1 goal. Below is a compilation of volunteer work that I am most proud of. If any of these causes touch your heart, please consider donating.

Thank you for supporting me and my drive to make the world a better place. 

Your Greatness is NOT what you have.
It's what YOU GIVE.

"If You Have a Heartbeat

What's Your Purpose?"

Beyond blessed to spend half of my life using my broken heart (heart pacemaker at 12) and emotional wounds (facial burns survivor) help communities worldwide on heart and emotional health; and served nonprofits and charities for over a decade.

COVID India Relief


My Beauty with a Purpose service project helped fundraise Indian National Rupees 560,000 ($7,500 US Dollars) to Covid India Relief funds.

Each year, with a servant's heart, I am increasing my standards of giving, in place of increasing my standards of living.

Boys Town Charity


I affectionately raised funds for Boys Town charity based in Nebraska. Boys Town charity has been offering healing and hope for our children for over 100 years.

Special Olympics


I have served in the Special Olympics since 2010. The Special Olympics is the world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, providing year-round training and activities to 5 million participants and Unified Sports partners in 172 countries.

Variety Children's Charity


After hundreds of phone calls and sharing my love for our children, I have helped fundraise $24,000 through MissWorld’s and MissWorldAmerica’s BWAP. 

YOU can make a positive difference today by donating to a nonprofit. Below are 2 causes that I believe in:


Human Trafficking

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