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"I want to share my life story and message that with hard work and endless kindness we can create a loving world."

"This is a win for hard work. I've worked so so hard for this moment. I have lovingly and with great humility served over 100 nonprofits focusing on “Heart and Emotional Health”. I am grateful for the Miss World organization for planting the seed of service in my heart when I was very young.  I was just 6 years old when I dressed up as “Miss World" in my school event. With your affectionate support, I invite you all to be a part of my journey."

Hi! I'm shree

Thank you God for blessing me with the service job of Miss World America 2021. I feel so endlessly grateful to everyone who has held my hand, encouraged me, corrected me and guided me on my life journey. I am a heart patient with a complete heart block, I am a facial burns survivor and with your blessings, I have overcome many other problems in my life.


I'm now your first American of Indian origin and the first Asian to become Miss World America. Because of the historicness of my crowning, I believe this is a collective win. It's not just my win. It's a win for our inclusive "America", It is a win for our diverse America, for every race, for everyone. I am honored to represent that Inclusivity that America has.


I want to share my life story and message that with hard work and endless kindness we can create a loving world.


It’s not always easy to talk about my deepest pains but I will talk so that I can help and strengthen others I've dealt with 2 major life-threatening events in my life.

Each time I have tried to convert my pain into purpose. A few years ago, I suffered from facial burns due to a car accident. I am also a heart patient with a complete heart block, I have a pacemaker in my heart to keep me alive. I got my heart surgery at age 12 and I will be having heart surgery soon.




I was born with a complete heart block, but I went undiagnosed for 12 years. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in our world, taking more lives than all forms of cancers combined. A healthy lifestyle can prevent 80% of deaths caused by heart disease. Let us make healthy food choices and choose an active lifestyle. 



I believe all of these vices have their roots in the few negative thoughts. In schools, we need to start teaching students on how to develop a more productive and solution-based thinking. We need to nourish our hearts daily with positive thoughts, so that we can overcome difficulties in life and remain eternally grateful.

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