Shree Saini headshot

Hi! I'm shree

I'm Shree Saini - Miss World America Washington state. My journey to this title was filled with major challenges and I use pageants to share my message: "Let us rise UP from tough circumstances with kindness and resilience."


I want to encourage people to have intentional empathy, follow their passions and be of service. 


I was born with a complete heart block, but I went undiagnosed for 12 years. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in our world, taking more lives than all forms of cancers combined. A healthy lifestyle can prevent 80% of deaths caused by heart disease. Let us make healthy food choices and choose an active lifestyle. 


I believe all of these vices have their roots in the few negative thoughts. In schools, we need to start teaching students on how to develop a more productive and solution-based thinking. We need to nourish our hearts daily with positive thoughts, so that we can overcome difficulties in life and remain eternally grateful.