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As a Miss World Beauty with a Purpose Global Ambassador, I get to serve with my Miss World, an organization that is represented in 142 COUNTRIES and has raised 1.3 billion for charities.  
Being "Miss World BWAP Ambassador" means a lifetime of a service job.

This is not just about me. It's about the people I get to serve.

It's about having a moral obligation to take care of others like our own.
It's about encouraging anyone who is struggling to remain hopeful and persevere.

BWAP is about taking care of people like our ONE large world family.
My own personal struggles led me to dedicate my life to service for the last 10 years with over one hundred charities.

WORLD 🌎, I am here to WHOLEHEARTEDLY serve YOU."A Miss World is someone who gives the gift of dignity, listens, communicates, cares, finds solutions to problems and treats everyone equally, irrespective of their flaws." 
85 BWAP community service projects
I want to be a CEO of hearts: a Chief Encouragement Officer for all. I’ve joyfully completed 85 service projects  since being your Miss World Beauty with a Purpose Ambassador. The details of every service projects are posted on 

Being the “Global Ambassador of Miss World BWAP”, I want to leave a legacy that I am purposefully designing. I hope my legacy would be described me as a Happiness Leader- someone who brought peace, joy, wisdom and purpose to their hearts.

I'll continue to post pictures from some of the events. Here are my highlights:  

Having an incredible Miss World Homecoming in Seattle, Washington . 
Impactful time with my east coast family with a Miss World Homecoming in New York. 

Visiting Chicago, Lebanon, twice to Puerto Rico, thrice being invited to New York/ New Jersey, invited to Raleigh, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee and doing interview with news networks, pageant channels and zoom sessions with community members across the nation. 

I have had the continuous joy and honor of serving alongside incredible dignitaries and community leaders of “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders" (AAPI), "American Heart Association,”, “Victoria’s Voice foundation”, Washington State Senate. “Children Rights and YOU" (CRY), Surkarya, "Future Business Leaders of America" (FBLA), "Global Beauty Awards", "Salvation Army", Kappa Gamma sorority, "University of Washington", multiple dance recitals and classrooms, churches, etc. 

Together we can bring happiness and purpose to our lives.

My team AKA (my mom and me) we have already started putting in a lot of thoughts and actions behind my year of service.

Being the “Global Ambassador of Miss World BWAP”, I want to leave a legacy that I am purposefully designing. I hope my legacy would be described me as a Happiness Leader- someone who brought peace, joy, wisdom and purpose to their hearts. I am your Peacemaker with a PACEmaker.
1.      Along with My sister Queen Miss World Toni Ann Singh, I was invited to Chicago to be a part of the Southland graduation. Toni Ann Singh sang and enthralled the audience. The Dean Dr. Davis is a brilliant role model. Many graduates were accepted to Harvard and Yale. This was an enchanting evening filled with extraordinary speakers, I took notes as the wisdom from highly accomplished individuals moved my heart.
2.      I LOVED being with my Godmother and my mentor Mrs. Pamela Curnel as she produced the mainstream Mrs. Washington Pageant with excellence, it is a pageant for married women, our oldest contestant this year was 68 years old. The show was brilliant, and now, all of the contestants will experience an enriched life because of having joined the Mrs. Washington America sisterhood. Mrs. Pamela Curnel provides life changing opportunities for her participants, she has been a pageant director for 30 years. Last month, Pamela and her husband Dr. David Curnel also received the: “Volunteers of the year” award for their colossal community service work for the last 40 years.
3.    This was one of my first jobs as BWAP Ambassador to help raise funds and sell dresses from our Fashion Show. I spent more than a month raising funds ($6,000) for Puerto Rican fashion designers, at Miss World. 
4. Thank you God, I had my homecoming party at the Hilton Bellevue, over 500 people came to bless me and my family with their adoring hearts, I feel like a billionaire because I get love in Billions. Commissioner Cory Wright spoke among 12 other VVIPs who attended my homecoming.
5.      Congenital Heart Disease magazine put me on their front cover. Being a heart patient myself, I was interviewed about my heart condition and my role as the national spokeswoman of the American Heart association. Heart disease is the number one killer, killing more lives than all forms of cancers combined. I feel grateful to be alive and look forward to a lifetime of bringing awareness about congenital heart defects.
6.     Great Job Team- We exceeded our fundraising goal of $250,000 at the Children Rights and You (CRY) gala. The email from CRY administration is attached. Our magnificent and large-hearted friends came together and made a difference in the lives of our underserved children. CRY wants to create a happy, healthy, and creative child whose rights are protected and honored in a society that is built on respect, dignity, justice and equality for all.
7.     Wow, we raised $723,085.00. Heritage University is our regional university that provides aid to the first-time college students, I have attended a lot of Heritage fundraisers in past years, I even met Mimi Gates of Gates foundation at Heritage University. My family steadily provides scholarship funds to our INCLUSIVE university, and we are so proud to serve our students. Please see attached the letter from Heritage University.
8.    Moses Lake High School 2022 Cheer Boosters Fundraiser students reached out to our business for their annual fundraiser. Our family is deeply rooted in the wellbeing of our community, and we think of all students as OUR students. We were thrilled to do our small part to assist Moses Lake High School 2022 Cheer Boosters.
9.       My pageant journey and Our family’s business work were published in 11 pages at Indo American business magazine in Washington state. We are in Truck Stop, Convenience stores, Gas station, SUBWAY and rental businesses.  I request you all to read the Trucker's prayer, you will gain a new appreciation for our American truckers who take great pride in the dignity of labor- I have shared the prayer in attached photos.
10. Thorp's High School FBLA President Jessa Thomas called our business to seek support. The FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FBLA Conference 2022 was filled with a Lot of energy, it was the first in person conference since 2018! Karina Rivera, Makenzie Kapaska and Jessa Thomas attended with their adviser, Mrs. French and many participants from all over the state.
11.  I received The People’s Choice award at the Global Beauty Awards. This award show is highly respected in USA, I met many of my sash sisters from all over the world. Maureen and David demonstrate the strength of a prosperous family-owned business.  
12. “Conquer with a Crown” show had me as a speaker, we spoke about the value of pageants, the hard work and commitment it requires and the impact of Miss World organization and 1.3 billion dollars donated through BWAP.
13.   To instill our youth with a sense of focus and purpose, I give many free master classes for dance. Lyrical and contemporary. Dance brings us together, we form close bonds, we learn from each other’s viewpoints. We celebrate diversity rather than just tolerating each other. I have my own private dance studio that is my sanctuary. My students have reported a more positive mood, sense of fellowship, increased self-confidence, increased flexibility, enhanced strength, better posture, energy and endurance.
14.   My chosen brother Amit and sister Priti produced The Arijit Singh Concert in my hometown Seattle. Musician Arijit Singh has millions of followers worldwide; all of his concerts are sold-out I was honored to be a part of such a splendid production. My Volunteer /BWAP journey was shared with all 7000 people who attended this sold-out concert.
15.    Senator Dhingra and I have done countless events together, both of us are Punjabi and both of us are servant leaders. I was invited to the "Strengthening our Communities" Event by Senator Dhingra. A lot of notable people and entrepreneurs attended the event. Friendly communities are built by big hearts, we need to take lead and also inspire others who take initiatives.
16.   Zeynab Koroma (Lady Z) Boss Lady heads our South African community with her sold out shows all throughout the year. South Africa Fashion week was one of many shows that she does to empower our youth. She provides school supplies and school desks to kids in South Africa. My parents love serving her nonprofit organization. It was an honor to be invited by her as a special guest and speak to hundreds of attendees
17.   We Provided Books for a local student Bryan Elliot with a $500 scholarship check. When we share the burden then our students feel supported, and they can focus on grades. The value of a scholarship, however, is more than just the ability to cover short-term books or tuition. A scholarship affords students the opportunity to pursue long-term goals: delivering a return on the initial investment that will benefit the student, his or her family, and the broader community for years to come. “I come from a low-income family, and I’ve seen how hard it is to get good healthcare,” said Elliot. “I am going to school for medicine, and I will bring it back to my village.”
18.    Our Family friend Nikki Reddy invited me to honor AG. I live in a city of highly capable individuals; AG is recognized as top CEO by Forbes. AG is a very influential businessman who is the pride of Indian American community.
19.   City of Kent Council woman Satwinder Kaur ji is now running for State Senate Seat. We have hosted her events at our home and also attended many of her events all over Washington state. It is important to be a part of government, so we can make a larger impact by being decision makers, we have the ability and power to shape our future.
20.   Ever since my first heart surgery in Spokane Sacred Heart Hospital, my parents have given back consistently to heart health research and care. The Thank you letter we received from my hospital brings back memories of me being there as a child in the cardiology ward. God is Good. 
21.   Gaurangi Gupta is the founder of youth4us. Her NGO is about promoting public service and Literacy. I am astonished by our young kids. They are so privileged to have BIG hearts and think about the larger society as ONE family. Our future is so bright because a 10 year old child Gupta is serving our community with her gentle heart.  I was invited to speak to young leaders at the youth4us event.
22.   On May 9th- I flew and spoke to contestants at Miss Puerto Rico. I encouraged them to find their own intention to serve and never stop serving.
23.   My local Salvation Army directors keep me busy with ongoing volunteer work. I am incredibly grateful to each and every one who makes time and shows up. My mom and I serve on the Board of Directors.
24.     I had a lunch meeting with Senator Warnick. We have known each other since my middle school days when we first attended the Moon Light Parade in my hometown of Moses Lake, We used to live in Moses Lake and during my Middle school art project, I had hand painted a cross for Senator Warnick, which still continues to display in her senate office. 
25.   USA Representative Tom Dent is a farmer who takes great pride in the growers of Grant County. We had a meeting where Mr. Dent discussed the recent Agricultural industry and ongoing community service involvement. We shared a sense of humor and our deeply rooted faith in the power of small business.
26.   I was invited to judge Miss India Worldwide in NYC. Girls from all over the world come to earn the highly desirable crown of Miss India Worldwide. This pageant honors Indian heritage; so Indian origin girls like Miss India UK, Miss India Australia, Miss India Guyana etc. come to compete for Miss India Worldwide. Neelam and Dharmatma Saran ji had a sold-out show with a captive audience. I was also once Miss India WW and I had proudly represented my country USA as Miss India USA.
27.   Our community Leader Sam Virk ji organized a Sikh Punjabi Prayer Ceremony. My family and I had the great honor to be a part of that. Punjabi people are one of the most altruistic and giving people in the world. They set the bar very high when it comes to giving back to the community. Sikhism motto is "Nirbhau NirVair" that means ``"without fear without hate". Mom made a frame with some lessons learned from Gurbani and donated them.
28.   The National office of the American Heart Association is a part of our life: a very significant part. Mom and I frequently fly to Dallas Texas to work with American Heart association .My parents have felt great indebtedness to the AHA for their work in the field of heart health. We make ongoing contributions to the American Heart Association, and continue to attend their fundraising events. I am a “Peacemaker with a PACEmaker.”
29.   Art of Living Foundation Head SriSri ji came to Seattle. Our family was invited to a private meeting with SRISRI ji. The Maydenbauer center in Bellevue was filled to its capacity. SriSri Ji is leading a World Cultural Festival. My parents have donated to the Art of Living endeavors for more than 25 years, even before they had moved to USA. We continue to serve this unity, peace and friendship-based organization.
30.    Five term King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn is a family friend. He is running for congress. Our Police officers put themselves in unsafe circumstances many times a day to protect us and our young children. Our family is pro-police and pro-justice for all.  King County Police officers and my family feel grateful to Reagan for his work for our Police officers. As a former federal prosecutor and presidential appointee in the U.S. Department of Justice, he is leading the fight to “re-fund the police”. 
 31.   We celebrated Mazzy Eckel as she is headed to represent our state at the Miss USA. I asked everyone to share their favorite memory with Mazzy, it was an evening full of delightful memories from her growing up years. Our sisterhood is so strong because we stand together with each other regardless of the Pageant system.
32.   Our civic Center in George Washington hosted Washingtonians for the 4th of July parade. We make the World’s largest Cherry pie. Our family business provides free coffee, free cookies and many other free amenities to volunteers. We have been serving Our Community Center in George since 2011. Mom and I attend the meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.
33.   My mom was invited to present the Best Producer Award at the Global Beauty Awards. Mom has earned Best Parent Awards 6 times in the past few years from various organizations.
34.   On April 13th- I made my first trip back to Puerto Rico, where Karolina and I made several videos promoting Tourism of Puerto Rico. We went around the most iconic resorts, landmarks and spoke about the Puerto Rican culture.
35.   Deb Dash ji is one of the most forceful leaders of our state and he has appointed me Global Ambassador for Surkarya Nonprofit. We work on many projects as a team. He gathered everyone and raised $50,000 for our children. He serves our University of Washington while being a social worker for many nonprofits. He has a marvelous impact on everyone he meets.
36.   My 44 years old Uncle Sujeet was hospitalized for 90 days after a heart attack. Heart disease is the number one killer globally. My parents honored his coming back home with a celebration. We raised awareness and spoke about preventative measures we all can take to prevent heart disease. Many dignitaries came to show their care and support for my uncle. Sujeet uncle is the director at Amazon and leads thousands of people in his team.
37.   Miss India Worldwide directors flew in from NYC to Seattle to attend my homecoming party. I call them my God parents. Neelam and Dharmatma Saran ji have been doing Indian Pageants for the last 40 years. We continue to donate to their organization, so they can continue empowering ladies and communities around the states and the world.
38.   My parents have Re-designed and produced the business Billboards all over Washington state. Now we have “Real time gas and diesel prices” on our billboards. This allows us to be good steward of our community member’s money. Principles over profits, Throughout our stores, we put up quotes to encourage people to be kinder, more altruistic of their time.
39.   Seattle’s Best Bluegrass Band The Weavils came to perform in our Grant county. I adore the rich art scene of my small town.  We provided free gas and food coupons to show our appreciation to the organizers.
40.   Rach4acase presented me with a certificate of appreciation. My family had made several care packages and shipped them to Rach4acase. This organization helps give school bag and supplies to students in need. They were also featured on Ellen. Each loving action that we take does make a difference.
 41 IFC featured my love for pageants and my family's community service work in their magazine. This magazine who distributed to every state competition, reminding people to use the pageant platform for philanthropy use. Thank you to the phenomenal leadership of IFC. 
 42. Continuous compassion is needed to serve, and all of us should embody that. I gave a keynote speech at Sukarya. It is an NGO organization that my mom connected me with. Mira ji and all volunteers at Sukarya are radically kind and think of all children as OUR children. Wow, what a privilege to serve Sukarya. You can know more about Sukarya at
 43. Shree Saini scholarship award was begun at Mrs. America preliminary pageant, Mrs. Washington. The $1000 was given to one contestant to further her education. Pamela Curnel is the director of the pageant for over 30 years. She is TRULY an inclusive leader and my mentor. She makes my whole family feel so respected and welcomed. Our world needs TRULY uniting leaders, there are many of us who only talk about diversity and equality, but it takes a VERY BIG HEART to be that kind of leader in real life. My family may never be able to pay her back, but we will try to do our very best to be of service to her organization, We hold our relationship with Pamela in a very sacred place in our hearts.
 44. Forbes magazine and FOX NEWS featured the Super-Sized USA flag that my family constructed at our Thorp business. Forbes reached out to us to talk about the high cost of gas and diesel and its impact on the rising cost of everything. Every kind of product that all of us use is transported by Gas or Diesel, so it is crucial to keep Gas/Diesel affordable for the truck drivers. We encourage our customers to use the money they saved from our very low gas / diesel prices and contribute some of it to good causes. The importance of giving back is an essential value our family has and was covered in the article.
45. An endowment was given to the Lehar institute by our family on the occasion of “Guru Purnima”, a celebration to honor teachers. All Indians from all over the World celebrate this festival, The festival of Guru Purnima celebrates the pious relationship between students and teachers. The Sanskrit word guru means (coach -teacher- mentor - guide). A guru is someone who removes the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance from our lives. All kinds of Gurus help students imbibe the right values and life skills to become good citizens and navigate their lives in the best way possible. 
46. My family and I hosted four Senators at our home to have a thinktank kind of discussion, with our local community. We spoke about important legislations that need to be passed to better the lives of all. Both democrats and republicans were present. We learned from each other and kept the focus on improving our nation. Senator Derek Stanford earned a PhD in Statistics at the University of Washington. Senator Rebecca Saldaña is the Washington State Senate Deputy Majority Leader . Senator Karen Keiser represents Washington as President Pro Tempore. She presides over the Washington State Senate when the lieutenant governor is unavailable. Senator Das Mona earned an MBA in sustainable business from Pinchot University. She is a part of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.  Now, she works full time as a Legislator.
47. Toni Ann Singh and I did an hour-long interview on Menstrual Hygiene Day - a beauty with a purpose project that was first brought by Manushi Chiller. Miss World 2017 from India. On May 28th I flew to Chicago and spent the weekend with my Miss World Family members.
48. My heart surgeon invited me to speak to a group of heart patients, being one of the youngest recipients of a pacemaker makes my case tremendously distinctive. My condition inspired other older people to be hopeful. My heart condition is not curable, but I have a treatable disease. I cannot share images of my talk because of patient privacy of the hospital.
49.      I helped provide many evening gowns to contestants competing in local pageants. The contestants sent thank you notes that filled my heart with bliss. COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION. We are built to belong; we are built to stay connected and never forget where we started our journeys.
50. We helped promote women and minority owned business, that are actively giving back to their communities. Their business is called Colors of Redmond.  My Miss World Homecoming event was created by three female entrepreneurs. The Indian designer Deepika Singh Priti Parikh created beautiful outfits for me. Nidhi Kumar ji joined the team and now this mighty trio has a thriving event management company: called Dream tale events.
 51. Honorable Steve Mayes, CEO NAM Corporation, flew in from Texas to be a part of my homecoming ceremony. I have judged National America Miss since the last 5 years We helped support National America Miss. NAM provides gift of self-esteem and scholarship to thousands of girls each year. God chose Steve Mayes for this glorious role, many of his pre-teen contestants and queens are now in high leadership positions all over the USA. NAM is a program based on the foundational principle of fostering positive self-image by enhancing natural beauty within.
 52. On May 29th Miss World Toni Ann and I both spoke to Southland College Prep Class of 2022 graduating students and their incredible staff. I was blown away by the students’ accomplishments and the support given to them by their staff members. Toni Ann’s soulful singing left me in tears.
 53. I was invited by 6 different vendors at the Bellevue Washington Summer Mela festival as a speaker. The Mela (business event) was attended by thousands of Washingtonians. Many small business owners presented their art and craft with cuisine from all over the world. We all spoke about our shared value for giving and helping to provide more opportunities. IACS’s Annual Summer Mela’s goal was to boost our small business community bring together artists, craftspeople, designers, and entrepreneurs. We found exclusive goods such as Pottery, Clothing, Skincare, Home Décor, Gifting Options and Jewelry as well as Tarot Card Readers, Alteration Experts, Massage Therapists, Bakers and many successful Chefs.
54.  TV ASIA broadcasted my NYC homecoming hosted by my mentors Neelam and Dharmatma Saran ji. We again emphasized the message of having a purpose-driven life and adding value to people. Many senators and dignitaries attended my NYC Homecoming and spoke about creating positive change, no matter what field we may find ourselves in. Thank you, God, for making me a representative of this great nation USA and giving me my foundation by Indian parents.
55.  We collectively raised $25,000 in one night for Asian Americans communities and nonprofits. I feel so honored to speak and feel energized to be working with Americas finest leaders and listening to their incredible stories of impact. The VIP Reception took place in Bellevue and was hosted by Shekar Narasimhan Bill Shihara, State Senator Mona Das Jeff Roh, Arun Sharma &  Brad Jenkins. In attendance were-Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, Mayor of Seattle - Bruce Harrell, State Senator - Manka Dhingra, State Senator - Joe Nguyen, Representative - My-Linh Thai, Representative - Vandana Slatter and Leesa Manion. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) now number over 20 million and are the fastest growing racial group in the country. We must energize others with our support so that we can intentionally build a stronger society with a sense of kinship.
56. My family and I recently donated over 50 books to our local libraries. Growing up, Mom took me and my younger brother Shahrose to Libraries at least 3 times a week. Respect for learning and local libraries is very vital for our family so we continue giving back to our libraries. Itzel Valle, the George Branch Library director sent us an email acknowledging our volunteer work in the library.
57. Seattle based social entrepreneurs Rehet Kapoor and Smitha Pruthan both are women and minority owned businesses. I believe that when we invest in and enable local business owners, we strengthen our communities. Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally, and in our community, provide the most jobs to residents. Let’s help more start-ups! Let’s create communities that are more prosperous and connected.
58. I spoke to 277 students in India for life and pageant preparations. The zoom call lasted 3 hours. We spoke about mental health, preparations, work ethics. I want everyone to feel valued, that their voice is heard and that their contribution to various causes, does make a difference. Thank you, Nikita Tanwani, for inviting me and all the students for having great conversations.
59. New York Homecoming alongside all the families and friends I have the honor of knowing and serving alongside with for the past 5 years. It felt like a full circle moment for me.
60. Interview by the ITV in New Jersey with the reigning Miss World Karolina Bielawska .We spoke from the point of view of the refugees. Imagine the lives of these refugees. I believe there’s nothing worse in life, than not knowing where our loved ones are and not knowing if they survived. It’s one of the greatest pains to lose our entire home, our identity and self: to flee to a new nation, leave all our belongings and community.
61. Two meet and greet events with New Jersey helping to raise funds for Ukrainian families in need. I am grateful for the generous people of USA who donated funds for refugee women and children.

Here is the story of how this wonderful initiative happened.

Satish Mehtani Ji was once a refugee and he understood firsthand the pain of feeling abandoned and lonely. When war broke out this year, Satish Uncle flew all the way to Poland to be of aid. There he met two Polish fathers: Chris Marcynski and Mirosław Mejzner. Satish Uncle stayed in touch and invited the fathers to come all the way to USA, via his nonprofit International Mission of Mercy. Thank you Miss World organization for having me, sister Karolina Bielawska and Fathers Chris Marcynski and Mirosław Mejzner.
62. Chief Guest at the celebration of Sikhism and the Sikh Religion at Khalsa Diwas. I spoke on stage how grateful I am to be of Punjabi descent and how much Punjabi culture has taught me about love and hospitality. BBC announced Punjabis to be the most generous of all races.
63. I Flew to Raleigh to mentor Miss India North Carolina contestants. I have been providing mentorship sessions to my sisters from all pageant systems. Cooperation over competition.
64. Worked with Miss World Trinidad and Tobago contestants. Thank you, Jeanine, for inviting me and thank you to the national director for speaking highly of my session. I’ve been invited again to do another zoom session and they want to fly me to Trinidad and Tobago, to help with their BWAP charities.   
65. I was gratified to mentor Miss Boston, Massachusetts contestants over zoom.
66. Spoke at a dance recital in Bellevue, Washington. I shared how dance gave me the gift of discipline, confidence and made me realize how important consistency is in training. I encouraged the students to continuously give thanks to their teachers and parents, who spend countless hours mentoring the students.
67. Honored at Teeyan Da Mela, which is one of the largest celebrations of Punjabi women. Teeyan is about happiness, prosperity and well-being. It is very pious and ominous festival for Indian Women where newly married and young unmarried women gather together to celebrate the beginning of rainy season. We helped promote all the vendors and performers.
68. Invited to Nashville Tennessee, to help coach local Preteen, Teen, Miss and Mrs. contestants. The organizers provide great platforms to all contestants and give them to gift of high self-esteem
69.  We celebrated Gay rights in Seattle, Washington. I am so proud to be a Washingtonian. Washington was the first stage to legalize same-sex marriage back in December 2012. In just a couple of days, more than 600 marriage licenses were issued to same-sex couples in just King County.  I had a great time marching in their parade, and supporting local shows. There is so much talent in my city and state.
70. Maydenbauer Center, I was invited to Speak to performing arts students. We enjoyed Indian mythological plays performed by the number one dance school in whole state. The PCIPA is a premier dance Academy that has won many national and international awards. I met many familiar faces, the twinkle in kids eyes when they want a picture with me brings me a great sense of pride.
71. Joyfully worked with Miss World Lebanon contestants alongside Miss World Cote D’ivorie Olivia Yace, We had everyone share about their BWAP projects. The Miss World Lebanon Pageant was such a delight to watch! We helped promote their Beauty with a Purpose service projects! The ladies are so passionate about creating positive change! The whole show was so Iconic, the dancers were phenomenal, Miss World Toni Ann singing made the nation of Lebanon dance on their feet. Everything was beyond “WOW”! The Stage, the Lighting, the Graphics, the Music, all the Performers were elite. Congratulations to all the contestants for putting your heart on that stage in front of your entire nation. Thank you, Miss World Organization, for having me in Lebanon and blessing me with the Miss World BWAP Global Ambassadorship.
72. For easter, my mother and I packed over 500 eggs for children. We did this with our volunteer group called the Georgette. I encouraged the staff to understand the importance of coming together.
73. Spoke to Kappa Gamma sorority at University of Washington. I spoke with 90 gals. I want to thank Graice Ericson for inviting me. I encouraged the ladies to see each other as a one united group: to truly be there for others to unify and learn together. It’s a huge blessing to be placed in a house of like minded women who are determined to further their education, grow together and work on creating a positive change for others.
74. Interview with Lu Sierra on red carpet at Global Beauty Awards. She and I especially spoke about my one stage question at Miss World. She mentioned the “lioness” came out of me and that was the most confident she had seen me speak. Lu Sierra has mentored thousands of ladies around the world for pageants for the past two decades. Lu is known for her good energy, personality, and passion for her work as a host, pageant coach, and influencer.
75. Won Best Titleholder at Global Beauty Awards. Each time I have received an award on stage, I have thanked every friend, mentor, coach, teacher, volunteer, director, who has held my hand and provided me with guidance in my journey.  I shared how I believed “the big great impact begins with small, kind interactions and loving conversations.”If we simply focus on the impact, we can make each day, then I am sure we can proudly say we have lived a servant’s life. When asked “What I was looking forward to tonight?” My authentic answer was “deepening the friendships I have made and creating new friendships. Because I truly believe friendships are life’s greatest blessings”. 

76. Private meeting with nonprofit head Mira Satpathi at Golf Club in New Castle. The nonprofit director shared that even when she was in the hospital with her son, she would find time to join volunteer zoom sessions. Mira Ji comes from a very privileged upbringing yet she chose to dedicate her life to the underserved.
77. Meeting with Salvation Army directors at their Washington state office. Salvation Army members also spoke at my Homecoming. They have helped 1.5 million members, soldiers, and adherents. The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.
78. Drove south of Washington to speak to dance team members of Sheila Dance studio. It took me 6 hours of total driving to get here but every minute was worth it because as long as I am positively impacting the life of even one person, my job feels completed.
79. 10+ billboards all around India celebrating the historic win of being first Indian American Miss World America. I am truly so honored people of Indian heritage feel represented and a sense of victory through this title.
80. Working with NFT Gallery alongside Miss World Karolina Bielawska in Puerto Rico. We were both received by Ms. Crystal Rose Pierce, Director of the Integro Foundation. We helped describe and announced the Digital Beauty With A Purpose fundraising initiative in San Juan. In Puerto Rico for the 70th anniversary celebrations the 100 National winners were asked to photograph (or submit a donated photograph) of a memorable scene from their country that represented beauty with a purpose through their eyes. The original photographs were displayed at The Lighthouse NFT Art Gallery in San Juan and the NFT's created from the original photographs are now being offered in a unique Beauty With A Purpose auction. All monies raised from the auction will go to the Integro Foundation which is supporting over 200 charities in Puerto Rico.
81. Mentoring the Mrs. Washington contestants at the Auburn Overcomer Covenant Church. There were contestants from all around the state who were present for the beginning of a new pageant season. Many contestants shared their stories of hardships, the whole session was therapeutic and brought them healing. They turned their “pain into purpose”.  A few of the contestants drove 5 hours to be present for this session. Pageantry requires a lot of planning and discipline.
82. Gave a keynote speech at Miss America preliminary pageant: Miss Washington Open/Sweeper. I shared about my Miss World journey. Big thank you to Mrs.  Peggy Miller our executive director for your continuous warmth and inviting me to speak.  8 years ago, exactly on this date I began my pageant journey through the Miss America organization. In 2014, senior year of high school, I competed for my first pageant at Miss Moses Lake. Then, went on to compete at Open/Sweeper, Miss Seattle + more. In 2015, I got my very first Hope Heart crown by Phenomenal Mrs. Pamela Curnel . Being a heart patient, I served the hope heart organization with my director and my mentor Pamela Curnel.In 2017, I won Miss India USA & in 2018, I won Miss India Worldwide. Yet, I never want to forget my beginnings. In my talk, I began by sincerely thanking all the volunteers, Mentors, Local Directors, Parents, State directors Mr. and Mrs. Miller and thanked my long-term pageant mentor Ms. Deloma.
83. Chief Guest at Miss Seattle pageant. I shared with the local titleholders the messages of "gratitude and hard work." I encouraged them to use their "year of service" for "greatest impact". To help directors. To Inspire new ladies to join the program. To Reach out to as many underserved communities as possible. For the past 8 years in pageantry, I was able to serve with over 100 nonprofits, only by consistently serving. Let us all continue being a blessing.
84. Interview with pageant interview account Hey Adam, who has over 45,000 subscribers. I shared with him the journey to Miss World, the story behind my Miss World dress I wore at finals. I also shared with him my way of thinking for Miss World. My mantra was to “be of love” and to “share my love”. The love I have for people, for BWAP, for my talent, for everyone there.  
85. Honored by WASHINGTON STATE SENATE. Thank you for your 5th HONORARY DISTINCTION for my service work, Miss World, Miss America representation, educational background and funds raised for charities. Big thank you to Senator Mona ji for nominating me. The resolution was read at the Washington state capitol, in Olympia. I wanted to thank my parents --- who have encouraged my philanthropy endeavors since I was in elementary school. They would regularly "drop off little curious, full of hope, desire for world change, Shree- off to shelters to volunteer, before she could drive".
For the past decade, my mother and I have kept, gathered and cherished every appreciation certificate, letter received from students, conventions leaders to nonprofit head. This led to the creation of my Beauty with a Purpose room.

As I walk in the room, each story reminds me that "every loving action makes a positive difference so let us Love without limits. I feel honored to be raised by my extraordinary parents who serve endlessly. 
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