I am honored to be partnered with Child Help Foundation, who help to provide meal and education resources for children. For just $25 dollars, one can provide 55 meals for kids. 


Kindly donate and make an impact.


Ketto has helped fundraised $5,545,275,000 Dollars (500 crores), for 280,000 fundraisers. WOW! Let's be positive change-makers. 

150 years ago, the 13th amendment in the United States outlawed slavery yet enslavement exists in every corner of America, including Seattle and profits more than $32 billion in profits annually.


We may not see slavery in the open, but it is there, lurking in shadows and on the fringes of society.


Purnata is an anti-human trafficking nonprofit that I am working with alongside with to help fundraise funds that help and prevent survivors of trafficking.


Here are the breakdowns of how your monetary funds translate in bettering the lives of human trafficking survivors. 


Monthly Donation Program

25   $   1 Child's Monthly school fees Or 1 Childs daily Lunch

50   $   1 Victims Life Skill & Vocational Training monthly needs

100 $   1 Medical Camp reaching a couple of hundred people

200 $   2 Children's monthly support in foster Care

500 $   6 Trainees monthly Stipend during their training

500 $   5 Children's monthly support in foster Care



Consider donating to this link. 

Ketto created this link to support Purnata's fundraising efforts.